is a web site where food banks can come together and share resources that support good nutrition in food banking.  They can also use the CHOP™ (Choose Healthy Options Program) ranking tool to assess nutrition of a specific food product.  CHOP™ compares like foods to each other using the Nutrition Facts Label (NFL) and the USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010.  The simple ranking system enables food banks to include the nutrition quality of a food as a criteria when considering food to acquire and distribute; and to track and achieve strategic goals for food. CHOP™ rankings provide an easily understood and effective tool that can be used to educate all those involved in emergency food solicitation, distribution, and consumption.


Any food that has a NFL or for which one can be generated, can be ranked in CHOP™.  Foods are ranked 1 (choose frequently), 2 (choose moderately),  3 (choose sparingly), MC (minimal contribution), NF (non-food) and NR (not able to rank). CHOP™ rankings can appear on inventory lists, be used to acquire and measure nutritious food, in nutrition policy development, strategic planning, education, fundraising, etc. gives food banks direct access to the CHOP™  calculator to rank a food.  Using CHOP™ allows a food bank to direct its scarce resources to acquiring and distributing healthier food.  It is compatible with Feeding America’s new Foods to Encourage (F2E) as proposed.  They both use the current dietary guidance and nutrition labelling as a basis for analysis. 

To use the tool, select Rank a Food from the menu, choose the appropriate food category, plug in the numbers from the NFL, and the rank will be displayed.